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Cookie policy

about cookies

We use functional, analytical and tracking cookies.
A cookie is a small text file that is stored by the browser of your computer, tablet or smartphone when you first visit this website.

  • Functional cookies are cookies with a purely technical functionality. These ensure that the website works properly, for example, your preferred settings can be remembered. We can also optimize our website and our services via the website.
  • Analytical cookies from third parties. These cookies can track your surfing behavior. These cookies are there because we use Analytical service providers such as Google Analytics.
  • Tracking cookies are placed by an external party. By reading the cookies, the advertiser recognizes you when you visit a site in which he is also involved. As you continue browsing, personalized ads may be shown. These cookies can also keep track of your surfing behavior, so that a very specific profile can be built up by these parties. This profile can be so detailed that it concerns personal data.

functional cookies

Cloudflare is a platform that improves website performance and security. These cookies identify and track the user, among other things to make a load balancer and a bot manager work.

Your PraivacyCookieConsent cookie records your preferences for allowing cookies. Using the PrivacyAudit cookie, you can anonymously search later for which permission you have given for placing cookies.

analytic cookies

Google Analytics
Google uses these cookies to provide the website operator with an image of the visitor flows via the Google Analytics service. The _gat cookie ensures that an unlimited number of requests are not sent to pass on data.

tracking cookies

DoubleClick uses cookies to recognize the visitor, also on other websites, for advertising purposes. Personalized advertisements can be offered through tracking. The behavior of the visitor can also be investigated with the personalized advertisement. Your behavior can be recorded by means of this cookie.

These are cookies placed by Google for the use of Google Maps and Google Adwords. For example, preferences are stored per visitor, they protect against unauthorized access and they make clear which media used by Google Adwords is effective.

These cookies are placed by yumpu.com. Among other things, data is collected about preferences of the website visitor and his behavior on the website.